News: My project on intelligent smart commercial building has been awarded as second best automation project of the year of UK-2021. I was the only technical contributor to the project Post | Feed | LinkedIn 


Dr. Kumar Padmanabh is currently working as a senior researcher in EBTIC, a research lab of British Telecom. He has expertise in IoT and applied Machine Learning. He has built several disruptive technologies for Industries using Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability and Predictive Maintenance of Industrial Machines.  He has built multiple systems that can predict faults and failure in Industrial Machines such as Chillers, Industrial Motors, UPS, Rectifiers and Distribution Transformers. In the sustainability domain, he has been building many energy saving algorithms, optimization models and devices for commercial buildings and special purpose buildings such as Data Centers, Telephone Exchanges etc to minimize the energy bills and carbon footprint.      

He has a degree of PhD from IIT Kharagpur and executive management from IIM Bangalore. Earlier he worked in the Corporate Research department of Bosch,  Corporate Research Labs of General Motors and Infosys Lab (SETLABS).  

He has expertise in deriving wisdom out of the sensor/IoT data using regression, logistic regression, classification, deep neural network and support vector machine. In most of his projects, he used Linear Programming, Integer Programming, Combinational and Stochastic Optimization using tools like CPLEX, solver, etc. In the internet of things domain, he has expertise in Protocols of IoT, Middleware for IoT, Designing, Development of IoT hardware and large-scale industrial deployment.

Following are his top-6 achievements:

He has also been a finalist of the Indian Mathematics Olympiad during his school days. He is a senior member of IEEE.

He has been actively pursuing his hobby of creative writing. So far he has written more than three hundred non-technical blog articles. He is able to publish three books (all fiction).