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Recent Invited Talk/Keynote Speech/Tutorials

1. Keynote Speech in IEEE-ACC-2013

2. Keynote speech in IEEE International Conference in Mysore IEEE-ICACCI-2013

3. Keynote Speech in ICACC-2013,

In Editorial Board

In International Technical Program Commitee 

  1. International Conference on High Performance Architecture and Grid Computing-HPAGCC-2011
  2. International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communications (ACC-2011)
  3. IEEE International Conference Distributed Computing and Networking 2011, Bangalore, [website
  4. IEEE WCNC 2010, Sydney Australia [website]
  5. ACM Headstart 2009, Bangalore, India [website]
  6. ACM Compute 2009, Bangalore, India [website]
  7. ACM Compute 2008, Bangalore, India [website]
  8. IEEE International Conference on Digital Telecommunication, IEEE ICDT-2008, Bucharest, Romania [website]
  9. ACM Headstart 2008, Bangalore, India [website]
  10. IEEE International Conference on Global Communication IEEE Globecom-2007 Washington DC USA. [website] 
  11. IEEE International Conference in Digital Telecommunication, IEEE ICDT-2007, Silicon Valley, USA [website]
  12. IEEE International Conference on System and Network Communication, IEEE ICSN-2007, French Riveria, France [website]
  13. IEEE International Conference on Communication and Networking in China, IEEE Chinacom-2007, Shanghai, China [website].



International Journal:

  1. IEEE Transaction on Wireless Communication,
  2. Euraship Journal of Signal Processing,
  3. International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems (IJCNDS) (inderscience) 
  4. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Network (Willy)
  5. International Journal of Sensor Network (Inderscience)


International Conference:

IEEE ICC-2006, IEEE ICC 2007, IEEE Globecom, IEEE WPMC 2007, IEEE COMSWARE-2007, IEEE COMSWARE-2008, IEEE Comsnet-2009, IEEE Comsnet-2010, IEEE Comsnet-2011, IEEE Globecom-2010, IEEE VTC-2011, IEEE WCNC-2010, IEEE CCNC-2011