My International Intern
(through previous employment) 

I have guided many student interns from different university of the world. Following are name of few:
9. Tiffany Soto Saenz (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)
8. Guillaume LE TREUT: Master of Science  France (Pollution in work place: Monitoring and control using wireless sensor network)

7. Gursharan Singh Bhue: B.Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (tinyOS for iKASS, the infosys branded mote)

6. Weihuan Shu: McGill University Canada (priority buffer management on wireless sensor network)  

5. Bobby Jackob: University of Melbourne(Caliberation module for tinyOS system) 

4.Divya Marlapalle: University of Southern California (API for Elixir)

3. Yuan Jin: McGill University Canada (transmission range estimation tool) 

2. Nattawud Phacharintanakul (API for Elixir) 

1. Jong ho Sin: China
(through previous employment) 

I was leading wireless sensor network team and I was ex-officio mentors of developers and young researchers. (click on image to enlarge it)