Dr. Kumar Padmanabh

Thank you for dropping by!
I am working as a Senior Researcher in General Motors India Science Lab in Bangalore.  I joined this lab recently and I am learning the automotive domain slowly.
Before this I was working as a Senior Research Scientist and heading wireless sensor network research lab in SETLabs, Infosys Technology Limited. I did PhD from IIT Kharagpur in this domain.
 I am yet to update my profile.

My Job Profile

As a senior researcher in SET Labs, Infosys, I am supposed to study new technologies, contribute in technology development in collaboration with academia, generate intellectual properties for my company and conceptualize the products and solutions based on them which will potentially do either of following:
  1. Give new dimension to Infosys conventional IT business. OR/AND
  2. Help in non linear (in-organic) business growth using the Intellectual Property generated by me.
My education, expertise and interests are in Wireless Sensor Network in the application domains of sustainability, building automation, industrial automation, supply chain management and healthcare.
I have research interests in wireless sensor network, especially the node design, deployment of WSN, Industry Standard Network Stack development (e.g. BACNet and ModBus). I have started studying Smart Grid and Power System Economics.  

Recent News

 Vacation with family in Colombo


Recent Publications

  1. Adi Mallikarjuna Reddy V, Kumar Padmanabh and Sanjoy Paul , "senSebuddy: A Buddy to your Wireless Sensor Network", in REALWSN2010
  2. Kumar Padmanabh, Lakshya Malhotra, Adi Mallikarjun, Amrit Kumar, Sougata Sen and Sanjoy Paul, "MOJO: A Middleware for converting sensor nodes into Java Objects", IEEE ICCCN, Zurich, Switerzerland [Accepted].
  3. Kumar Padmanabh et.al (6 authors), “A wireless sensor network based solution for Conference room monitoring worth 16000 banyan trees a year”, ACM Sensys (buildsys) , Berkley, USA.
  4. Kumar Padmanabh, Sanjoy Paul and Amrit Kumar, "On Social Behavior of Sensor Nodes" IEEE IAMCOM, COMSNETS 2010, Bangalore.
  5. Kumar Padmanabh and Rajarshi Roy, “Transmission Range and Density Gradient Management for Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Sensor Network”, International Journal of Communication Network and Distributed System” January 2010.
These are recent publications. The entire list can be found here