My research has been always on real life systems. I have more patents to my credit than the publications. As of now, I have 22 patents to my credit, out of which 9 patents in USA is already granted. List of my patents could be found here.  

Even after joining academics, I continue working on systems and presently I am building following systems with help of my students:
1. Solar Output Prediction Tool: LNMIIT has a huge deployment of solar panel and we have more than 1 year of data. Objective of this research project is to build a tool that could be used for prediction of solar power. 
2. AI based Mess Capacity Management System: Objective is to maximize the capacity of the LNMIIT mess without any further investment in the real estate. An APP would forecast and recommend appropriate time for going for lunch/dinner. We are deploying sensors and IP cameras to identify wastage of resources.
3. A system for Energy Optimisation in LNMIIT Building: Current electricity bill of LNMIIT is 2 crore a year. Here objective is to minimize 20% in first year, thereby saving 40 Lacs worth of electricity every year.
4. Non-intruisive Water Meter: Water meter is essential for identification of consumption and wastage. However they are expensive to be deployed everywhere. We are building a water meter, non-intruisive nature with the target cost of Rs. 500/.    
5. Middleware for IoT: We have built a prototype of middleware that can be used for IoT data management.