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The Academic Traveller

One can get education from his/her teachers, from books, from laboratory, from parents, from elders and from other experienced and learned people. However, there is yet another school of thought that one can get education/learning just by traveling. There have been many travelers in the history of humanity who enlighten the world at par with other philosopher. In recent time Rahul Sanskrityaayan and Baba Nagarjun have been the greatest traveler.  Baba Nagarjun appended “yatree” (yatree means traveler) in his name (Baidyanath Mishra) to become (Baidyanath Mishra “Yatree”) officially.

I have been passionate about travelling. I have done many weird things in my life just for the sake of traveling. At one of the extremes, while I have to emotionally blackmail my wife to convince her for a trip at other extreme, once upon a time during my undergraduate study, I started giving tuition to kids so that I could manage finance for travel.  

Travelling is not only a hobby for me; it is a great way of learning. My profession provided me ample opportunities to travel through many countries and meet people from different walks of life. Travelling to universities gives a unique experience. Photographs shown below is the partial list of universities I visited mostly for delivering lecture/talks.


Academic Traveller