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September 2011 (University of Michigan, USA)

Nothing so special about this. It was yet-another-visit to university.


February 04, 2011 (In Technology Review Award)

It was one the greatest day in my life. I was being awarded as top-3 researcher from India under age of 35 years by Technology Review, the magazine of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I received this award in Le-meredian in New Delhi. 

For non-professionals: Massachusetts Institute of Technology is worlds no-1 university in computer science. There is no university from India even in top-100.

December 2010: Receiving Thought Leader Award from CEO of Infosys

2010 has been the best year of my professional life. I got everything that I wished for. This includes the thought leadership award of Infosys. It is given once in year to an individual out of 1.3 lacs employee.

August 30 to September 03, 2010, New Delhi

Sigcomm-2010 was held in New Delhi from august 30th to Septmeber 03rd. We have demonstrated our product: iSmart®, which got wide attention from the academicians and researchers around the globe. I can see my product growing like kids. It is indeed a source of deep satisfaction when  you see your idea getting converted into product and appreciated by all. 
The poster of wireless sensor networks with Infosys Logo on it, surprised many people.  to enlarge click on the photograph.
Note: For any business/research query: please go the official channel. I am not suppose to reveal it here.    

June 15, 2010, University of Ulster, Nothern Ireland

Academic and industry partners of India UK Advance Technology Center of Excellence gathered in University of Ulster for project status meeting. Leading from Infosys we have demonstrated our capabilities, jointly planned multiple initiatives, had fun with professors and PhD students of IIT Mumbai and Queen Mary university London.  This trip was more important for me, as the meeting place was located in extreme country side thus gave me opportunity to see the village life, agricultuiral field and many more. 
I noticed mobile revolution in India is "the best" in the world as I could not find sim cards in the locality with the name Portrush. People suggested me to visit adjacent city Colarine to get one which never happened. Email was the only means for connecting back to my family. 

March 06, 2010, IIT Patna
IIT Patna celebrated its maiden techno-cultural festival “Ansesha2010”. I was invited to give a lecture on “Using Wireless Sensor Network in realizing Copenhagen dream”. I explained how the future technology can help minimizing the carbon emission and how the dream of restristing air pollution below 350 parts per million can be achieved. Though I was a bit tensed due to recent incidences but over all this talk was well received. Covered by ETV and other news channel and by other print media.  Click here for details.
Tensed, excited, energetic and pleased

February 01, 2010, IIT Chennai
IIT Chennai held the project meetings of all partners of India-UK Advance Technology Consortium, an advance research group from India and UK, consisting of 5 IIT's and 3 Industries from India and similarly universities and selected Industries from UK. Lots of talk, arguments and future plans discussed followed by a banquet in trident.  
 Exhausted yet thrilled... 
January 30, 2010, BVB College Hubli
If you don't know much technical things, talk about the nice thing around you.  I spoke for 150 minutes (2.5 hours) continuously. First 90 minutes was schedule for me and next 60 minutes was based on demand. I felt the same enthusiasm and energy. Slowly turning into great speaker. Scientist and Poet comparison did a wonder here also. 
in next 2-3 months my boss will be pushing for papers beyond poet and scientist explanation.

January 15-16, IITD New Delhi
The recruitment drive for IIT undergraduate in Infosys. I was able to create excitement among computer science and electrical engineering students.  

January 10-14 Mysore, Infosys Campus
The Mysore campus was awesome. Got recogniton of the work, I have been doing for last 3 years. Long live WSN long live Infosys.
Click on the image to enlarge it. You can observe the replica of white house in the adjacent photograph.  

January 04, 05, 06 2010: Kolkata
I was in Kolkata from 4th January till 6th January. We demonstrated our product.

December 13, 2009, IIT Kharagpur
In IIT Kharagpur again, but at different capacity.

December 11, 2009, Roorkee
I came here as a recruiter in IIT Roorkee. I cannot forgot Alu Paratha in thatched dhaba. All thanks to Mr. Joshi, an ex serviceman who runs it. The tea after the paratha was still better. 

December 10, 2009,  Delhi
All fun with Pippal and family my old batchmate. Karim's restaurent, once famous for its taste and my frequent hangouts was not so impressive. Post dinner talk with Pippal left no complaint for delhi. Delhi always rock, thanks God, cold wave spread only after my visit.

November14, 2009: Selam, Tamilnadu, India
I was invited to give a guest lecture on Academic Industry Collaborations. The selam visit was followed by famous hognekal fall.
November 02, 2009, Berkeley, United State
Presented my paper in ACM Sensys-2009. Visit of University of Berkeley, LBNL and San Fransisco was awesome. This was the banquet menu ordered by me.

October 26, 2009 Fremont, California
There is nothing to be remembered beyond the way, I cooked chicken in Marriot.

October 22, 2009, Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado:
It was all family function. The landscape of the fortcollins, coffee, ethopian restaurent, and snowfall in Denver were unforgettable. Now I realized why Madhuri Dikshit is settled there.  Click on image to enlarge the image.

 May 29, 2009: University of Bradford, UK
I was in university of Bradford in an International Conference of Networking IEEE AINA.

May 28, 2009: Leeds Cricket Stadium, Headingley
I was really obsessed with the glorious stadium. Local 20-20 match was going on. Thanks to the Indian security guard who allowed me to visit it without charging a penny. My academic profile did the wonders.
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